There are an amazing amount of resources available to writers and this is a page to keep our favorites in one place.

John August – an A list screenwriter who posts an amazing amount of useful information for every writer/filmmaker to indulge in.

Go Into Story – Experienced screenwriter and instructor Scott Meyers updates his blog multiple times each day with valuable information for every screenwriter.

Javier Grillo-Marxauch – a top television writer and show runner, as well as comic book writer, Javier Grillo-Marxauch has offered up a treasure trove of pitch documents and scripts to give you a sense of how the pros sell their ideas.

Deadline Hollywood – How many bloggers can sell their site for $14 million, be kept on board as managing editor and have an HBO series made based on them? Just one, Nikki Finke is loved and loathed in Hollywood but she almost always gets the story first and gets it right. if you want to keep your hand on the pulse of Hollywood then visiting this site on a daily basis is a must.

Done Deal Pro – if you are serious about screenwriting then you already know about Done Deal Pro. You can become a member and get updates on all the latest sales, contacts to production companies, agents, managers, lawyers etc. But for FREE you can read and post on their forums where you can learn just about anything you want to know and find just about any script by simply asking the right questions.

Five Plot Point Breakdowns – A great resource from the folks over at the Script Lab that breaks down a bunch of great movies into… you guessed it. Five major plot points. Worth a look if you’re having trouble wrapping your head around screenplay structure.

Of course, it’s also important to read plenty of scripts. Here’s where you can find some…

LA Screenwriter

Drew’s Script-o-rama

No Film School is a great site that caters to the multi-hyphenates that most of us have become to make it in one of the creative pursuits. NFS focuses on DIY filmmakers and independent creatives and they do a wonderful job.