Olivia Pope is the dumbest and most dysfunctional character on television (or why Scandal Sucks)

Let me just start by making my bias clear; Scandal sucks. As a writer, it must be awesome to work on that show because there is literally nothing out of bounds. No matter how ridiculous or implausible something is they just throw it in because… well, why not? I bet the gag reel has to be edited down because there is so much to laugh at there is no way these actors can keep straight faces for long.

The worst part about Scandal is that it started off as a really engaging fun show with a strong female protagonist but has devolved into an epic hot mess so quickly and profoundly that I suspect it would be impossible to reel it back into any semblance of plausibility. And Olivia Pope, the successful, shrewd, stylish, alcoholic who loves to drink expensive red wine while wearing white designer outfits, has turned into one of the worst female characters in television history.

Just to set the table, for those who don’t watch this abysmal show on ABC, here is who Olivia Pope is… her father is a ruthless killer who is in charge of a secret spy organization that basically controls the world outside the confines and restrictions of the government. Her mother is a terrorist who Olivia thought was dead for two decades. She was once engaged to an older politician who was actually a pretty cool guy but fell for the married presidential candidate (she clearly has daddy issues) whose campaign she ran and rigged to win. Her constant back and forth with the now President of the United States, including fucking him in an electrical closet type of room in the White House, is beyond idiotic. Get a load of this though; that same guy, The President, hired an old buddy to basically date Olivia but then a bunch of stuff happened and now that guy is the man in charge of this secret spy organization (sort of) and she still fucks him sometimes for reasons that are never really clear (except to steal his phone) and then The President (who is still married) gets all pissy about it. And then there is VERMONT!!! Don’t ask. scandal

I haven’t even gotten into any of the other characters because they are all just as terrible as Olivia Pope. Every one of them is awful. Trust me. Scandal is one step away from Naked Gun territory and that is an insult to Naked Gun because at least that was supposed to be a comedy.

Yes, Scandal, you suck. It isn’t even debatable. I have watched every episode and I hate myself just a little bit more each time I do. Why don’t I quit? I can’t imagine making it beyond this season’s finale where I am praying you set off the bomb and kill every single one of these insufferable characters with the exception of Josh Malina who I hope they just build a reboot of the great and beloved show The West Wing around.

If you want to watch a good network tv show then catch up with THE GOOD WIFE. It is everything Scandal wishes it could be.



13 responses to “Olivia Pope is the dumbest and most dysfunctional character on television (or why Scandal Sucks)

  1. I just started watching Scandal and my goodness. Kerry Washington is so stupid. Her and the president brek up make up break up make up break up make up etc. Sooo stupid!!! I don’t know how anyone watched this week to week!!!!! What white hat?? I mean really who wrote this stupid show??

    • Yup…. its like “o look at me im olivia pope and im supposed to b a strong black women.” Yea right, she is so annoying it seems as if even she cannot stand to be in her own skin.
      I think the writer shonda rhimes is trying to portray the ideal women. But she is either confused or misdirected of what a strong women is supposed to be.
      Scandel is childish, boring, and filled with this underlying back power bs. It should be pulled its a waste that is polluting the minds and airwaves of our country. Disgusting…. despicable…. horribly written…

  2. Thank you. I cannot tell you how sick/annoyed/pissed I was after the idiotic episode of 2/12/15. I’m dying to bitch about it with someone.

  3. omg, i totally agree. i just binge watched it all from the beginning and what a hot mess. fitz is a pussy. the only real face to face murder he commits is an old woman dying of cancer. he’s a petulant child, whining all over the oval when he doesn’t get his way. olivia is no white hat, she’s a conspirator to many atrocious crimes and also the reason many of them occur. and why do olivia and eli/rowan speak in that odd way, ennunciating in an odd theatrical way or yelling so loudly that you would think someone would call the cops. another bother for me, almost all the sex on the show begins with the people involved banging (no pun intended) into each other face first. i’m surprised there aren’t more bruised faces on camera. i could go on and on but i wasted too much of my life already with this pap. i wish olivia had been sold to isis instead of stephen and that fitz was so overwhelmed he blew the oval up taking cyrus, mellie and command with him.

  4. This show is so retarded. All of the guys on this show are giant pussies. And, the stories are so implausible, they make absolutely no sense. Who watches this garbage?

  5. Nothing but garbage. The truth is, you can’t build a show where the heroes are not good people. The average person will grow to hate it, because there is no one whom they can identify with. There is emptiness in this show that needs to be filled with more than just sex, anal or otherwise. We all have an innate human desire to see good triumph over evil. This show is hopeless in the truest sense of the word because it embraces abnormal lifestyles and behavior as virtuous. It presents a dark picture of the world. A future where there are no heroes, no true loves, no courageous protagonist, no loyalty, and no heroism in any of the characters. Who would watch people like this?

  6. After this last Episode on season 5 episode 8 I really cannot watch this show anymore. I hate olivia actions she is an idiot. I hope she is all alone and what a slut.

  7. I just barely finished the first episode, and I googled “scandal sucks” and now I’m here.

    This show was lame as hell to me from the very first episode, and I find it really hard to imagine that is somehow sucks worse with time.

  8. I watched more of this junk than I should have because it was sooooo bad I had to keep on watching to see just how bad it could get……NO MORE…….Kerry Washington is actually worse than Nicolas Cage……who’d a thunk it possible??????

  9. I just started watching scandal and that’s when I had to google “Olivia Pope stupid and annoying”…and came here.

    Preaching truth to power hahaha why does anyone like her?!?!?!

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