The Emmy’s: Rants and Predictions

I love awards shows! Everything about them; the nominee announcement, the anticipation to the big day, the red carpet to see who’s wearing what, the award show parties my friends and I host and the ballot betting on who’s going to win. I love it all! The Oscars, The Golden Globes, The Screen Actors Guild, The American Music Awards all of them bring me joy, but the Emmy’s… oh the Emmy’s are my absolute favorite! The whole show is focused on my love… television!

Most of my excitement, and frustration, centers around the announcement of the nominees. I used to love waking up super early before work or school and watch the nominees announced live, a luxury I’m no longer privy too now that I have a child and sleep is pretty scarce in my life, but I still enjoy it… just later in the day. I beam with pride and joy as my favorite shows and actors make the list. I get antsy when favorites come head to head in a single category – who do I choose? Who will win? Who do I want to win more? My love is put to the test! Then as the excitement starts to die down, and I calm down, I start to realize who didn’t make the cut. The excitement then turns into straight up outrage! How dare they snub my favorite show(s)?!

This year the list is pretty impressive. All the nominees are worthy of being in the running for an Emmy whether their nomination was predictable like Breaking Bad and Mad Men or an absolutely surprising shock like Kerry Washington, regardless, all are great contenders. Although, as Neil Patrick Harris & Aaron Paul rattled off each category and its nominees, I couldn’t help but notice some really major snubs happening that were baffling. For starters, where was New Girl in all this? No outstanding comedy nomination? Ok fine, if not the show, then what about Zoey Deschanel & Jake Johnson? Most importantly, what about Max Greenfield?! That right there is a major snub that CAN NOT be over looked! That is a well written comedy with great actors that got absolutely no love and I’m insulted for them! In the comedy area, for me, this was the most outrageous and unforgivable snub. Now the drama area, that’s where the major snubs took place!


The first drama snub that I am absolutely not ok with is The Good Wife. The show was not nominated for best drama and also snubbed were Julianna Margulies or Josh Charles! How is that even possible? The impeccable acting those two exhibit is by far some of the best acting on television! I’m absolutely happy that Christine Baranski got a supporting actress nomination, but honestly, that’s not enough. A close second snub that really upset me was Parenthood. I’m honestly really tired of this show being overlooked constantly in nominations and, to some extent, by viewers. It’s a well written show with an amazing cast – Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Craig Nelson. Having said that, the real upset was the fact that Monica Potter was not nominated for Best Supporting Actress! She was flawless and heart-wrenching this season and single handedly wrapped the entire show around her pinky with her stunning performance. I truly believe that her snub is the most unforgivable over look of the Emmy’s this year. Honestly, Monica Potter deserved to be on that supporting actress list a whole lot more than Morena Baccarin (Homeland) did.

NBC/Universal's "Parenthood" Premiere Screening - Arrivals

Kerry Washington being nominated was an amazingly pleasant surprise that I didn’t see coming, but I’m so happy for it! She absolutely deserves to be on there for many reasons, but amazing acting definitely tops the list! Although, Im curious, since Washington was noticed and the show is on the radar, why wasn’t Scandal nominated? Better yet, why weren’t Jeff Perry or Guillermo Diaz nominated? In one of the episodes, Diaz actually played three different personalities and was brilliant! I just hope that next year the show and its supporting cast get broader recognition. The same goes for Orphan Black. Now I have to admit that I am only 3 episodes in, but this show is great! What makes the show great? Tatiana Maslany and no she wasn’t nominated either! I have a feeling a lot of people haven’t heard of this BBC America gem but I hope, between my blog and other avid fans, this show gets noticed and appreciated in time for next years Emmy nominations! Another show that didn’t see any love was the FX hit The Americans and it stars Kerri Russel (Felicity) and Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters). This Cold War era show is so good and so well written and acted that I hope by next year it has a huge following and the recognition it deserves. Rounding off the list of snubbed shows is Hannibal. Yes, it’s a new show and yes it started off slow, but it definitely ended with a twisted and beautiful bang. Hugh Dancy gave a beautifully haunting performance as FBI special investigator Will Graham and for that to go unnoticed is a shame. I’m willing to overlook the show not getting a nomination, but not Hugh Dancy. An absolute shame.


I understand the categories are limited and not everyone and every show can be nominated, I fully understand that, but come on! I already mentioned that Monica Potter is way more worthy of the nomination over Morena Baccarin, but I also think New Girl could have totally been nominated over Veep and it wouldn’t have been an upset (at least for me). Another good replacement in the nominations would have been taking Damian Lewis out of the running and surprising us with a well deserved nomination for Hugh Dancy. I’m a huge Homeland fan, but even I have to admit that season 2 was a tad weak. Lewis was great, but it was the same great performance he delivered in season 1 which he won an Emmy for, and deservingly so, therefore Dancy being nominated would have been a very unexpected and welcome surprise. I guess it’s easier for the academy to be safe with obvious choices like Jon Hamm and Damian Lewis (all great actors) than to tip the boat with newcomers.


Now that I’ve gotten the ranting of the snubs out of my system, I’d like to end this full circle by returning to my excitement for the Emmys on Sunday! It will be great fun, do you know why? Because Neil Patrick Harris is hosting! He is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to watch him dance, sing and joke and make me happy with all his amazing talents. All that and he does magic too! Truly a jack of all trades! What else is going to be fun about watching the Emmy’s? Me, hopefully, winning the pool with my predictions! So before I go I will share with you my predictions of who will win and who I think should win. Here are my predictions!

1. Outstanding Drama Series:
Who will win: Breaking Bad – It’s the last season. It’s like a goodbye gift.
Who should win: House of Cards – Definitely House of Cards. My vote is going with House of Cards because I’m devoted and in love with the show, its cast and David Fincher (director).

2. Outstanding Comedy Series:
Who will win? Modern Family
Who should win? Modern Family

3. Lead Actress in a Drama Series:
Who will win? Kerry Washington – If she wins, she’d be the first African American female to win in this category. Now who wouldn’t want Emmy history made?

Who should win? Kerry Washington – because she’s amazing!

4. Lead Actress in a Comedy Series:
Who will win? Amy Poehler – This will be a peace offering for Parks and Recreation not being nominated.

Who should win? Tina Fey – 30 Rock was awesome and it ended and well… she deserves it dammit!

5. Lead Actor in a Drama Series:
Who will win? Kevin Spacey
Who should win? Kevin Spacey – Go to the dictionary, look up awesome and you’ll find Spacey’s name under it.

6. Lead Actor In A Comedy Series:
Who will win? Jim Parsons/Louis C.K. – It truly is a tie and I can’t for the life of me decide.

Who should win? Jim Parsons

7. Supporting Actress in a Drama Series:

Who will win? Anna Gunn
Who should win? Maggie Smith

8. Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:
Who will win? Jane Krakowski – With 4 Emmy nominations under her belt, I think with the end of 30 Rock she may finally win it!
Who should win? Sofia Vergara

9. Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:

Who will win? Aaron Paul
Who should win? Aaron Paul

10. Supportig Actor in a Comedy Series:
Who will win? Ty Burrell
Who should win? Ed O’Neill


Well there you have it! My thoughts, frustrations, excitement and predictions. What are your predictions? Do you whole heartedly agree with any of my predictions? Do you absolutely disagree with any? Share your thoughts with me! You can find me on Twitter @Saudiprincess13 or you can share your opinions, thoughts and/or comments below! The Emmy’s air Sunday September 22nd at 5pm on CBS. I will be live tweeting so please follow along and chime in! Until next week…


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