Breaking Bad: How It Will End?

BBrvIf you aren’t caught up on Breaking Bad then don’t read any further.

The great thing about Breaking Bad is that it always surprises you. Never has it felt predictable. With just two episodes left and seemingly all the cards revealed, I still have no idea how the series will end but let’s try to work through it.

First, let’s take inventory of where we are at. ***SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT CAUGHT UP TO THE EPISODE TITLED “OZYMANDIAS”***

Walt has lost everything; a bunch of his money, his family, his health, his home, his soul, have all been taken by his ego and it’s monstrous creation – Heisenberg. It is entirely his fault. Every choice he has made during his post-cancer diagnosis life has come to collect on the moral debt he has accrued. He is a wanderer; a lost man who watered the dark part of his soul allowing it to flourish and consume him. Whatever goodness remains inside him cannot make amends for the evil he has done. He broke bad. Redemption is not an option but it doesn’t mean he can’t try. However, the only thing that could possibly taint the run of Breaking Bad is if they have Walt die heroically or martyr himself. Walt is a bad man who has done bad things. He can do some good but he can’t be the hero.

Jesse is as lost as Walt. He has nothing, literally nothing but his life and that isn’t even in his control at the moment. He has always been the moral compass of the show and the demons he wrestles with have become too much to carry. He was hell bent on destroying Walter White and, though not quite how he hoped, he has succeeded. If he died right now, I think his only regret would be that it was at the hand of Todd. I think when Hank died it made Jesse’s chances for surviving to the end much better. My thinking is that Hank was the character we were most likely to be rooting for with Jesse a close second. If they kill Jesse Pinkman there might be a riot. It doesn’t look good for him right now but he’s gonna figure something out.

2epsLeftSkyler has some light at the end of the tunnel. In that phone call, Walt made sure to take the blame for everything and create a plausible story by which Skyler could walk away from all of this, at least criminally. But Breaking Bad doesn’t seem to let anyone walk away from the ruin they’ve been responsible for.

Marie is a widow now. First, she learned her sister and brother-in-law were involved in a major drug operation and the heartbreak of sorting that out was almost too much to digest but now her husband has been killed, she thinks by the very man he had finally caught. The only slight hope in her life now is that she might be able to maintain her relationship with her sister if Skyler never tells her the complete truth of her involvement in the drug business.

Todd is using Jesse to get the blue meth back so he can become the new Heisenberg, though one has to wonder why the Nazis don’t just take the $65 million they stole from Walt and close up shop. He is psychotic and there is no way he lives to the end.

Lydia will show up again to check on the purity of the product and Todd really really really wants to impress her but if she sees Jesse is part of this and he is locked up what then?

We know Walt comes back two and a half months later and grabs the ricin from his abandoned house. Who is it for? Most seem to think it is for him to use to commit suicide after he kills the Nazis. I think it is intended for Lydia.

Saul has lost his best paying clients but he has another show coming on AMC so he should be fine.

So how will it end? Or a better question might be “Who will survive?”

I am pretty certain that me spending a few minutes thinking about this and typing a blog post all but guarantees I am wrong. Breaking Bad has proven to have great writers who undoubtedly spent hours and hours arguing and working through plot and character and how to end this brilliant show. Breaking Bad also is very detailed. EVERYTHING fits together.

Here are my bold predictions…

Walt is not going back for Jesse. He is going back to put the Nazis out of business and he is going to kill Lydia. 

They took his money and killed Hank. They’re also taking his pure blue meth and he won’t stand for it. But also remember that Jesse revealed to Todd that there is a videotape with his confession and that it is at Hank’s house. Destroy the tape and you should be good. I think this put Marie and likely Skyler, Holly and Walt Jr., in serious jeopardy. Those Nazis will go looking for it and it I expect Skyler and her kids will be staying there. As much as we all breathed a sigh of relief when teary-eyed Holly was found in the fire truck, I would not be surprised if she, her mother, her brother and her aunt all died. If the Nazi’s show up, they aren’t going to let anyone there live. If they are dead then Walt is going to want to take down everyone responsible, including Jesse who he blames for Hank’s death. Unless…

Jesse saves Marie and Walt’s family

If Jesse knows the Nazis are going to Hank’s house and he can manage to escape, he might go there to stop them from doing anything to Marie and whomever else might be there. If Jesse manages to rescue Walt’s family then Walt will owe him and won’t kill him. In fact, they may have a new common enemy – Lydia and the Nazis.

Jesse will live

In season one, Walt used Mercury Fulminate to blow up Tuco’s headquarters, thereby taking control of the meth business in town. Jesse was around for almost all of Walt’s science concoctions and he is a smart guy who has come up with a lot of successful plans. I wouldn’t put it past him to come up with something that will destroy the meth lab he is chained to now. He doesn’t seem to care about his own life but he also isn’t prone to kill anyone. He might make an exception with Todd but Jesse seems resigned to his own death. I am not certain he kills anyone unless he absolutely must. But he will escape and he will do something heroic. We love Jesse and we hate seeing him suffer like this.

Walt will die

Everyone assumes Walt has to die for this show to end. I believe he will but in an unexpected way. He won’t use the ricin on himself, that is for Lydia. He won’t be killed by Jesse and he won’t go out a hero. My gut tells me that he watches more people die and he takes more people out but, in the end, Walter White dies alone. In the first episode of Breaking Bad cancer was the promised escort to the afterlife for him. It may seem anti-climatic but I am leaning toward this being the way he goes out.

Nobody is safe

If you are betting on who lives and who dies before the next two episodes are over then you are brave. Truly, I have no idea. Nobody is safe, not even Holly. I know. I know. My gut tells me Jesse, Walt Jr. and Holly make it. One of the sisters dies and that is probably Marie.

There are only two episodes left in the series run of Breaking Bad and Rian Johnson, the director of the latest episode posted some pics on Twitter. Here is one which features Todd and the Nazis. There are six of them and they took six plastic barrels with them. Plastic barrels have always been used to destroy dead bodies on this show. I think all six are dead men.

Dane Reade is an admitted knucklehead, writer, producer, director, actor, storyteller and managing editor of The Tiny Protagonist. You can connect with him on twitter @TheUrbanHobo or via @TinyProtagonist


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