Learning to Let Go

Hi. My name is Marwa and I’m a hoarder. I’m sure the first image that comes to mind is my house filled with crap from top to bottom with no clear path to an emergency exit, but actually I’m pretty tidy and a tad bit OCD. I hoard something more special. I hoard something that only takes up space on my DVR, Apple cloud and some space in my bookcase. I am happy to say that I hoard television shows! I practically watch 95% of shows on television, and when I say shows “reality” does NOT count. I abhor “reality” TV like Real Housewives, The Kardashians and anything MTV. I call that mentally raping television and quite possibly the scum of TV. Scripted TV is what I love! I love trying to watch all new shows in the Fall, so that I always know what’s out there. I love watching old shows. I love hoarding shows then marathoning them. Most of all, I love being loyal to my shows. But to what end? How long can I watch a show I’m not that into? Actually, I can last a pretty long time. I’m just not good with breakups! My question, and topic, today is, how long do you give a show a chance before you let it go?


Its been established that I have a pretty bad addiction to shows. It’s very rare that a show comes along that I just watch an episode or two of and then decide to stop watching. I always feel like a show should be given a chance to find its groove. The first episode is always laying down some ground work and it’s introducing you to a whole new world, so it’s kind of hard to judge. Super special shows grab you from the first minute like Grey’s Anatomy, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones etc… But you should know better than to assume all shows are special, so a few episodes are needed before a judgement can be passed. If I had judged Scandal from the first two or three episodes it would have been LONG gone from my list of must watch TV. Kerry Washington had a lot of issues in the first few episodes that, thank God, got addressed and taken care of! Then there’s the problem, like the one I’m currently facing with The Bridge, where the slowness of the show, the awkward-ness of a character (Diane Kruger in this case) and the lack of answers is keeping me from getting into the show. Yet, for some bizarre reason, I’m still watching and holding on to it. Granted I am 5 episodes behind, but I just can’t seem to take it off my DVR and just give it up! Although, I think I know why I’m having a hard time letting go…

Back in April, I was unhappily watching Glee when my younger brother asked me, “Why are you watching it if you aren’t enjoying it?! It’s a bad show! Just let it go!!” My response was pretty lame. Something along the lines of I’ve been watching it since its inception and I can’t just stop now… but why? Why did I put that pressure on myself? So I decided to stop watching. It was like bracing yourself before jumping into a swimming pool you know is going to be cold, I took a deep breath, took the plunge and stopped watching Glee. I was so proud of myself! I felt liberated and in control! I stopped watching 4 episodes before the finale and I was happy not finishing it. Then something bad happened and I blamed myself. Cory Monteith died. I felt so guilty! What are the odds that the minute I decide to let his show go he dies of an overdose? Well, logically speaking pretty high considering he battled with drug addiction, but still! I felt responsible! I seriously thought that because I stopped watching, he drowned his sorrows and it all went wrong from there. Yeah, I’m that powerful in my head apparently. Well, needless to say, I’m going to finish Glee where I left off AND watch the new season. I’m super curious to see how Ryan Murphy handles his death on the show and how they kill him off. Guilt is a pretty strong emotion… way to suck me back in!


Whereas Glee was a struggle to let go, there were a few shows that were SO bad even I, the hoarder of shows, couldn’t give them a chance! Coincidentally, all of these horrible shows were from last season! Here are the top three offenders. The one that tops the list of the most horrible show EVER was Zero Hour with Anthony Edwards. Oh my good God almighty what a horrible show! I wanted it to be good for Anthony, but damn! It was so horrible it was canceled within the first 10 minutes of the show! I can’t even begin to tell you what it was about! All I know is a clock was involved and he goes to a submarine (I think its a submarine) and finds a dead him from years ago… what!? So bad! The second bad show that tried SO HARD was Cult on the CW. Matthew Davis, the lead, leaves the hot and high rated Vampire Diaries for this insanely confusing and lack luster show-within-a-show that also got canceled after like 5 episodes. Seriously, it was so bad that each time I tried to watch an episode I fell asleep! Anyone who knows me knows I don’t fall asleep while watching shows… I only sleep in movies! The third show that so wasn’t doing it for me was How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life). I love Sarah Chalk! I was rooting for her big time! Too bad it didn’t work out. The cast did not have good chemistry and the whole idea of moving back home, for some reason, just didn’t feel original or funny… at all!

Between my emotional chaos with Glee and the clear conviction of letting the above mentioned shows go, there has to be a middle ground of letting shows go! There has to be a sign or formula or feeling that I can depend on to ascertain if a show deserves my loyalty or it should be laid to rest. Especially with the new Fall shows coming up! Maybe, the more TV I watch the easier it will be to sort through shows? Or maybe I just need to grow a pair and realize actors won’t die if I stop watching their show! I still have to work through that because I’m totally convinced Cory was all my fault! I think, to test my theory out, I’ll stop watching The Bridge. I’ll just delete the remaining episodes and let it go! If Demian Bichir or Diane Kruger die, well then… we’ll know that I have some kind of power over the ratings of shows and I must watch all shows or actors will die! I just hope none of you are too terribly attached to either actor. Fingers crossed!


Do you share the same problem as I do in letting shows go? What show do you hate watching that you can’t banish from your DVR? What shows have you let go? Share your thoughts and opinions with me on Twitter @Saudiprincess13 or in the comments below!

Until next week…


3 responses to “Learning to Let Go

  1. I have the opposite problem. I let good shows go sometimes when they have that lull in the story line. I know they can’t keep me 100% engaged all the time but that is what I have come to expect.

    • I know. I’m sorry! But this situation is way bigger than you and I. People’s lives are at stake!!

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