Are You Anybody’s Favorite Person? And other Sunday odds and ends

4594793999_4dd1bb92ea_zIn the few weeks since we’ve re-launched The Tiny Protagonist blog for screenwriters, actors, filmmakers and creatives, the response has been awesome. Keep tweeting, facebooking and emailing us with your comments, questions and ideas for things you’d like our team to address on the blog.

We’d like to thank acting coach Lesly Kahn for posting Dane’s Open Letter To All Creatives last week.

This coming week, we are focusing a lot of our attention on actors and how they can take control of their own destiny.

Monday we have part 2 in our “Stop Asking For Permission” series where Dane looks at a day in the life of an actor.

Tuesday Kyle has an interview with actors who adopted the very philosophy of “Stop Asking For Permission”, the creators of Devanity, a popular soap opera style web series in it’s fourth season.

Wednesday Lindsay talks about her experience with Actors Salon, a career coaching salon for actors at all levels, and how she created her own version of it with like minded peers who want to aggressively move forward with their career.

Thursday and Friday we’ll see what happens.

On this wonderful Sunday afternoon, we leave you with ARE YOU THE FAVORITE PERSON OF ANYBODY?, a short film from the unique and talented Miranda July (You, Me and Everyone We Know)


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