My Home Away From Reality

hqdefault1Every once in a while, if you’re lucky, a show comes along that just engulfs you and takes you on the best emotional journey ever! Whether it’s a “good show” or a “bad show” it doesn’t matter it’s the ride that counts. It’s the emotions the characters make you feel. It’s how many times you laughed, cried, got mad and were shocked shitless throughout the seasons. I know my sister was pretty damn obsessed with LOST and everything to do with LOST. My brother can talk for DAYS on end about The Wire and not tire from raving about it. The majority of my friends are avid die hard Breaking Bad lovers. For me, I thank my lucky stars daily that my friend Beth nagged me every time she saw me to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy, the wonderful world of Seattle Grace, is absolutely my favorite escape from reality. It’s the show I would take with me to a deserted island!

I remember I started watching Grey’s Anatomy on a Sunday, I had nothing to do so I decided to finally give it a try. It was the season finale of season 1 and by the end of the episode I couldn’t for the life of me understand WHY I hadn’t been watching since day one?! WHY did it take me this long and WHY is this season only 9 episodes?! We didn’t have the luxury of Netflix or Hulu back then so I had to wait for reruns and the DVD to come out so I could catch up. What a crazy time we lived in, no Netflix or Hulu… insane! Anyway, Grey’s Anatomy has now become an integral part of my life. Am I being a tad dramatic? Maybe, but it’s the truth! I’m devoted to this show like it’s my family that I’m watching on TV. I’m emotionally attached to each and every character as if they are real people in my life. Honestly, between us, I truly believe they are real and they totally exist in my world. I believe Shonda Rhimes created the world of Seattle Grace for me because there really is NO other way to explain the perfection of this show except that she knows me, knows what I love and based on that she created the perfection that is Grey’s Anatomy.


Knowing all this, imagine my distress when I opened IMDB to get my daily news three days ago and read that Sandra Oh was leaving the show after season 10! No joke my day was shot. I sincerely felt like I was losing something important. What does that mean? Why does she need to leave? I understand Sandra doesn’t feel challenged anymore, but honestly what has she done since she’s been on Grey’s? Has she seen the fate of Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight? Granted TR finally got something good with The Good Wife, but that’s nothing compared to the Grey’s fame he left behind for “something better”. I wonder if she thought this through? I wish I could talk it through with her! Because now I worry about the fates of the other main characters who have a knack of sticking together. Will they leave too when their contracts are up after season 10? The devastation that will engulf me if that happens is going to be gnarly. Consider yourselves warned of the apocalyptic rage that will ensue if this show gets canceled or if Dr. McDreamy and Dr Grey leave the show. I forced myself the next day to calm down and just take a deep breath, put my sadness aside and decided to try and find a silver lining. Magically, I found two!

First, Christina really is my least favorite character… but not really. Like if I had to choose someone to leave the show she’d probably be my second choice. Don’t ask me who my first would be because honestly I don’t know. Ok fine! First choice would be Kempner, but that doesn’t really count because she’s from the newer batch of characters. I’d probably say bring Izzy back for two episodes then kill her off. Yes! That would be my first choice! Izzy Stevens! Anyway, I digress… I don’t care for Sandra’s character, Christina, as much as I do Derek Shepard, Meredith Grey, Chief Webber, Bailey or Kerev, but I do love her in conjunction with her best friend Meredith. The twisted sisters. That friendship is pretty damn epic! The love and support between Meredith and Christina is a love story on its own. They pretty much complete each other. They’re soul mates! I can see Meredith surviving if Derek ever left her but I DO NOT see her recovering if Christina left her or worse yet, died! Regardless, silver lining is that its Christina going not Meredith or Derek or Bailey!


Second silver lining is Shonda Rhimes. I figure if I can’t control Sandra leaving then at least I know I can expect one hell of an exit! Shonda doesn’t shy away from insane, heart stopping, gut wrenching exits and/or finales, so I know something brilliant is coming Christina’s way. Anyone remember George’s exit? Getting run over by a bus!! Remember Izzy leaving so quietly and with no acknowledgement that it was a silent slap in her face? Granted, Sandra is leaving the show with Shonda’s blessing, unlike Hiegl and Knight, so she won’t be brutal with writing her exit… at least I don’t think so. Whichever way Shonda handles Sandra’s exit I KNOW it will be brilliant, unforgettable and just plain perfect because that’s how Shonda Rhimes writes, with absolute perfection. So for this reason, I let myself get excited with Sandra exiting the show because I’m pretty damn excited to see how she goes! God help Meredith Grey!

I had this comment thrown my way on Facebook when I ranted about Sandra leaving, “Honestly, how much longer do you think the show is going to go on?” Funny enough this comment came from the very friend, Beth, who nagged me to watch the show I knew she loved Grey’s, so I didn’t feel the need to jump in my car and go bite her because I knew she wasn’t being mean. My response to her was “Forever, duh!” I truly believe this show will last forever because of two reasons. One, I can’t imagine my life without Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not being dramatic it’s seriously an integral part of my life. It’s the only thing that helped me survive my horrible pregnancy. I watched seasons 1 through 7 on repeat. For that, I thank you Shonda Rhimes and I am forever indebted to you. Second, I believe it could last forever because the only person who can make that happen is Shonda! She’s my writing superhero and her weapon is her pen… or computer since it is 2013.


I dedicate this blog to MY real life Christina Yang, Tess. She is my very own twisted sister who is always there ready to help, support and smack me when needed. I know if I needed her to help me hide a body, she would just grab a shovel and come along no questions asked. You’re my person Tessie! This one is for you!

Grey’s Anatomy season 10 premiers September 26th on ABC at 9pm. Seasons 1-9 can be seen on Netflix, Amazon Prime or purchased on iTunes. If you have any questions, comments or stories you’d like to share about Grey’s Anatomy please do! You can find me on Twitter @saudiprincess13 or you can comment below!

Until next week…


4 responses to “My Home Away From Reality

  1. First, I love your blog! I was just curious on your thoughts about Chief Weber because you mentioned being worried that he would leave the show. I know Shonda mentioned we would still see him but never confirmed if he lived or died. So…. thoughts?! I personally love the Chief. He’s definitely a favorite character of mine. I love how he tells it like it is whether he’s telling someone they are an idiot and treating them like a child or being there for Meredith and Bailey. Ok, just writing about him is making me sad to think he may have perished!!!
    I think Christina is a favorite of mine because she acts the way I wish I sometimes could with people who are simply morons on occasion. I mean, who is going to give people nicknames like mousey now?!!! I just love her. Ohhh I’m sad! I wonder how she will write her off. It needs to be something better than her leaving for another job or just disappearing.
    I do hope Grey’s lasts forever. I understand your feeling of a family with certain TV shows. I felt that way about Friends. I still feel that way. I mean, 10 years!! When Friends started I was 12! I was 22 when it ended. Think of the influence. It was like losing a part of me. LOST also had a huge impact. I still miss it. So, if Grey’s ends, I will feel the same. I feel like it’s my last long-running show that I truly love. I better find some replacements, stat!!!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re reading it! Cheif Weber. Gosh how I leave the Chief! He’s amazing!! Yeah if he dies I think I may be traumatized for a while :( The show won’t be the same without the father of Seattle Grace. Shonda is very cryptic about her characters and what she plans to do with them. Sloane came back for 2 episodes and died :( But honestly, I don’t think she’s going to kill him. Not with Christina leaving now. That’s just too much! She’ll probably let him live because thats not what we expect of her. She’s very kill happy on that show lol so it’ll be nice to prove us wrong.

      I love the way Christina acts! I will miss her nicknames! I don’t think shonda would end Christina’s role simply. She’s a beloved character. Plus she’s leaving with her blessing so she’ll treat her right like she did Sloane. The people who left quietly, Izzy and Burke, weren’t on her good side so she gave them a silent, no closure kind of ending… basically slapping them in the face silently but publicly.

      FRIENDS I still haven’t let you go :( I love Friends beyond belief. I cried for two days when it ended. I was a mess! LOST, I hate to say it out loud, but I was happy it ended. I respect it deeply but it annoyed me a lot and just left too many things unanswered while piling on too many anomalies. It was over reaching at some point. But still it was great television because they gave us something fresh and brand new and it was super exciting.

      Honestly, as much as I love television and as much TV as I watch I would have a hard time giving you suggestions to replace LOST, FRIENDS and Grey’s (God forbid!).

      Thanks for the interaction!

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