Regrets I Have to Live With

It’s not everyday a show comes along that gets EVERYBODY talking and excited beyond reason for its premier. Some shows just have that magical touch that’s not contrived or manipulated… its just… pure Hollywood magic. Granted the writing, acting and directing has a lot to do with it, but those alone don’t mean much if the show is not sprinkled with that special fairy dust that captivates viewers from beginning to end. I’m sure at this point you know what show I’m talking about and you’re probably bouncing on your couch screaming out the title. Yes, I’m talking about Breaking Bad.

Breaking-Bad-Season-4With its final 8 episodes around the corner everybody and their mother is over the moon excited for its return while simultaneously devastated that it’s ending. So it probably comes as no shock that this is the topic I chose to write about! I know, you’re probably thinking “Great! Another blogger blogging about Breaking Bad. Original!” but here’s the twist… I never finished Breaking Bad. I’m only on season 2 episode 5. I can give you a million and one reasons as to why I didn’t finish the show, but honestly they’re not original enough so just go ahead and throw stuff at me and call me names, it’s ok… I deserve it. I’m taking this opportunity to admit guilt, sadness and intense jealousy that I’m not a part of the excitement and anticipation and sadness over the impending end of Breaking Bad with everyone else. I’m an outsider, but I’m ok with that though. Not really… but I’m proud, so I’ll pretend I am.

Even though its rare for shows to have this type of following and hype, there is one other show that has the same effect on people as Breaking Bad, the same magic and intense love, and that’s Game of Thrones. These two shows bear many common characteristics: they’re summer shows, the main writers remained the same keeping the continuity and vision intact, they’re passionately loved by fans, but most importantly both are shows I regret not having watched in real time with the rest of the world. What would have become of me had I seen ‘The Red Wedding’ in Game of Thrones with no prior warning? Would my husband still be trying to get me out of bed? Would I have stopped watching Game of Thrones forever because it was just too much to handle? I’ll never know… and I hate that! The same goes with Breaking Bad. I feel so left out!

I pride myself in having a vast variety of friends from different cultures, religions and nationalities and with personalities that are as different as night and day. I have artistic friends who can tell you a story just from taking one picture, some are movie buffs, some are girly, some are tattooed, some are fashionistas, some are foodies, some are annoying, some are douche-y and some are workaholics… the list is endless! The amazing thing to me is that regardless of what they do and who they are they passionately love Breaking Bad and\or Game of Thrones. It did not make sense to me. I could not comprehend how such vastly different people could love a single show just as passionately and devotedly as the next person. What is the common denominator? That collective love from people is what turned me off from watching both shows for so long. It didn’t make sense to me and it confused me, so I steered away. Plus, whenever something is universally loved, I have a knee jerk reaction to precondition myself to hate it because I just like going against the common opinion. Do I do it on purpose? I don’t know, but that’s what I do. So I pushed play on Game of Thrones convinced I would hate it and get so confused with its many characters that I’d just get frustrated and stop watching. That didn’t happen. I loved it!! I can’t even lie and just secretly love it behind closed doors. I want to scream off rooftops that I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan! When Game of Thrones proved me so totally wrong about its amazingness, the first thought that came to mind was “Then the hype over Breaking Bad is true too I guess.”

My best friend always asks me, “ How is it that a TV addict isn’t caught up with the best show on television?” my response is always “Shut up Tess!” It’s a sore spot because I know it’s good! I saw it from the first scene of the first episode with Walter White standing in his underwear. I knew something good was happening. The fact that Bryan Cranston made me forget he was the goofy dad, Hal, in Malcolm in the Middle I knew some great acting was unfolding before my eyes. I have to admit though, starting the second season, I wasn’t feeling the intense love people were experiencing. I felt sort of let down. Don’t get me wrong! Its good. I want to keep going and enjoy the ride, but “the good” stuff hasn’t happened yet, so I STILL don’t know what everyone is talking about. I think that’s a big reason why I probably didn’t feel the pull to finish the show as quickly and hungrily as I did with Game of Thrones. I’m at the stage with Breaking Bad where I want to finish it just so I can see what everyone is raving about! Is it really the best show on television? Is it really pure genius? Is it really an epic gift to viewers? I want to answer all those questions myself! Thanks to Game of Thrones I am re-excited to start watching it again! Im just sad that there is NO WAY I can be caught up by Sunday night!

I’ll leave you with a promise. I publicly promise that within the next couple of months I will complete Breaking Bad and I welcome you to touch base with me to make sure that I did! With that, I wish you all a bittersweet journey with the end of your beloved show. I just hope that when I finally catch up and want to obsess and talk and relive the epicness that is Breaking Bad that you will be right there waiting for me with open arms and ready to take me in and talk it over. Hey, I might make you want to marathon it so you can relive the excitement with me!BB

*The final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad air on AMC on Sunday August 11th at 9pm. If you’re interested, and if tickets are still available, there will be a screening of the final episode (along with the pilot) at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery with the entire cast. Now that’s an amazing experience! As for Game of Thrones it just completed season 3 and you can stream it OnDemand from your cable or watch it on HBOGo. If you have any comments, questions or want to give me a piece of your mind for not finishing Breaking Bad yet, you can find me on Twitter @Saudiprincess13

Until next week…


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