The Wonderful World of Marathoning

hqdefault1It’s no secret that I absolutely love everything there is about television! I live for Fall premier week! September 1st is my favorite day to start prepping myself, my DVR and my friends on what new shows to look out for, when they air, and my “educated” (almost never wrong) guess on whether they’ll be cancelled or not. Fret not, I will share all this with you at a later time. I love to stalk twitter and entertainment news websites to get all the gossip and info I can about my favorite shows, new shows and the scandals of the TV world. I have subscriptions to TV Guide & Entertainment Weekly that I devour the minute they load onto my Kindle Fire! So, it should come as no surprise that when it comes to TV viewing, I have perfected a solid viewing method that neatly sorts my shows into three different categories of how I like to watch them! Hint: the 3rd viewing method is my absolute favorite and the focus of todays blog!

I like to call the first category of shows my “filler shows”. They’re shows like Mike & Molly, Melissa & Joey, White Collar and The Carrie Diaries. I like to watch them while I’m folding laundry or Facebooking, Instagramming and/or playing Words With Friends. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy these shows, but they don’t require much attention, so if my DVR gets to 99% they’re usually the first to go! But I catch up on them on Hulu! They’re not forgotten!

The second category of shows, my “legit shows”, I super love! To these shows I give my full attention and I try not to do anything while watching because I love them so much, but also because if I miss anything then I just have to keep rewinding & that will just turn an hour show into three hours and I don’t have that kind of time! Shows like New Girl, Homeland, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time, Nashville, The Americans, The Good Wife plus many many more fall into this category.

The final and absolute favorite way to watch my shows is marathoning! I could spend a thousand years telling you just how much I love marathoning and it STILL wouldn’t be enough! The shows that I am absolutely, totally and irrevocably in love with fall into this category. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Parenthood, Arrow, Downton Abbey, Vampire Diaries & The Newsroom (to name a few) are shows I can’t handle watching week by week because one is just NOT enough! So, once the season starts, I watch the premier episode to whet my appetite then I start saving them so I can watch at least five at a time. That’s one of two ways I like to marathon… current show marathoning on my DVR.

As for catching up on older shows/seasons, I spend day and night thanking the Gods of Entertainment for the creation of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and *cough* “secret sites” *cough*. Side note: If anyone from CBS is reading this please get with the program and allow these streaming sites to stream your shows! Because its kinda hard for people to get into your shows if you hoard them! Just sayin… Anyway, so these streaming sites make marathoning that much more accessible, affordable and joyous! They’ve literally created a new way of life for television viewing for the masses. Marathon binging, whereas I feel like I’ve been doing it FOREVER, has now become a runaway trend! Suggestions in magazines like Entertainment Weekly advise you on current “binge worthy” shows, sites make lists of the best shows to marathon when sick, heartbroken, out of shows etc and of course word-of-mouth nudges you on what to binge on so you can be in the know. Honestly, I say just ask me and I’ll positively always direct you onto the next best show to marathon! What am I marathoning right now you ask? I just finished Game of Thrones… holy shit!! I don’t… I can’t… I’m just… I still can’t process what happened so please, give me a minute before I can talk about this show with you!

With my perfected marathoning methods and the ease of show accessibility I didn’t think TV viewing could get any better. I stand corrected. Enter Netflix! On February 1st 2013 my entire world changed! I felt like I was being heard. I felt like the Gods of Entertainment saw my devotion and rewarded me with a gift. The gift of full season releases! David Fincher and Kevin Spacey got together (only my favorite director & actor EVER) and decided to give the viewers what they wanted with House of Cards. A brilliant brilliant show that I suggest you marathon RIGHT NOW if you haven’t yet! If the world loves marathoning and watching shows at their own pace, why not give them that? And give us that they did! They revolutionized TV viewing. They went against the norm and boy did it pay off for Netflix, Fincher, Spacey and the brilliant Robin Wright. 10 Emmy nominations! Between House of Cards and Arrested Development, Netflix breaks barriers as the first digital series distributor with major Emmy nominations EVER! I’m so damn proud it’s as if I did all this work myself! I’m proud and happy because I feel like my voice was being heard as a viewer! Spacey said in an interview, “It’s what the viewers want, so why the hell shouldn’t we give it to them?” Couldn’t have said it better myself sir! Because now where major networks are shoving so many shows down our throats and putting our favorite shows on hiatus for weeks on end to introduce new and shorter shows like The Following, Netflix respected our viewership and gave us an entire season, allowing US to be in control. Now we have Orange is the New Black in our queues to enjoy, as many already have, when we want (I’ll be starting tomorrow!). Amazon Prime and Hulu are also riding the wave and creating shows to release full seasons of to the public. I’m loving this whole new world of TV viewing because it’s the way I love to watch TV and now everyone else is in on the ride because Netflix is just plain AWESOME! It pays to be a trailblazer.

With that being said, I would like to bestow upon you MY favorite marathon-able shows and suggest you fire up whatever streaming site tickles your fancy and start binging! I’m going to go with my top 7 because 7 is my favorite number! They are in NO particular order!

1. Grey’s Anatomy: Just wrapping up its 9th season I can’t tell you just how much I love this show! Shonda Rhimes can do NO wrong in my eyes! Love me some Shondaland! This is a show that I suggest you snuggle up on the couch with your favorite blankie (yes I have a blankie don’t you?!) on a cold winter’s day and just enjoy! You will laugh and cry and scream and get super frustrated and you’ll walk away a new person having lived the world of Seattle Grace and feeling like you’re a part of each and every one of those doctors.

2. Scandal:  Told you I love anything Shonda! This show is fast paced and amazing and it’s literally a gasp-er every episode. I do suggest you bear through the first 4 episodes because Kerry Washington suddenly had issues acting and needed to find her footing. But you know she found it because she’s nominated for an Emmy! Yay!! The ONLY show that has foiled my plans of hoarding episodes on my DVR because they live tweet EVERY DAMN SECOND of that show so you have no choice but to watch it live or bury your head under a rock! Because it WILL get ruined! Brilliant strategy. That’s why their live viewer ratings almost doubled in the second season! Season 3 premiers October 9th at 9pm so you have until then to catch up! Go Gladiators!

3. Game of Thrones: I can’t IMAGINE watching this show week by week! It’s so butt clenching that I can’t help but watch the next episode right away! A true marathon worthy show because the intensity is a total adrenaline rush and like a junkie I just need more NOW! I would like to take a minute to thank the writers of this show David Benioff & D.B. Weiss for respecting me as a viewer and not codling me by letting everyone I love live on this series. No one is safe and they show that even the good die a horrible and grueling death. As much as I curse them with every episode, I thank them for respecting my maturity in being able to handle it! Oh, and Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) is nominated for an Emmy! Yay team Khaleesi!!!

4. The Tudors: Didn’t see this blast from the past coming eh? What an aesthetically beautiful show. More importantly, what a bat shit crazy man Henry VIII was and how beautifully Jonathan Rhys Meyers portrayed him. If you love history and love, sex, lies, deception and scandal then I can’t think of a better show for you to sink your teeth in!

5. FRIENDS: Only the best comedy ever written! Only the best ensemble cast ever put together! Only the best hair icon ever to be birthed on television! If you need a pick me up, a laughing session and\or a moment with good friends, then I suggest this marathon! Actually, I suggest you marathon this show yearly and watch it daily at 11 & 11:30pm on the CW! That’s channel 5 if you live in Los Angeles! It’s perfect to watch before bedtime because you fall asleep happy with a good dose of giggles.

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dated? Yes. But if you overlook that for the first couple of seasons then you will be given the gift of Joss Whedon’s smart & witty writing and the ass kicking (pun intended) acting of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan to name a few. Who wouldn’t enjoy watching Sarah Michelle Gellar kick vampire ass while dealing with the daily struggles of high school?

7. Arrow: I’m rounding it back to the present in hopes of getting you prepped for Fall premiers! Arrow, based on the comic book, is so damn awesome and badass I can’t even begin to put it into words. It’s only one season so it can be marathoned in a weekend and have you ready for season 2 on October 9th! I promise you it won’t be a regret! If anything, you get constant eye candy with Stephan Amell and Katie Cassidy and an absolute adrenaline rush… win win!

So start off with these 7 shows and I’ll keep sprinkling suggestions here and there, because lord knows my marathon list is endless! I am currently marathoning Six Feet Under and starting Orange is the New Black tomorrow! So I’ll keep you posted on those soon! If you have a favorite show to marathon or opinions on my list find me on Twitter @saudiprincess13

Until next week…


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