Summer TV Viewing

hqdefault1In the past few weeks, a lot of big things happened in the world of entertainment that I would love to blog about for hours, but I know that’s not really feasible.  Like, for instance, the Emmy nominations came out and as usual there were snubs that got me all riled up! New Girl? Nothing?! Not even for Schmidt?! Blasphemy! I’ll save my Emmy ranting for when the Emmy’s air! Another worthy blog topic would have been the extravaganza that is Comic Con which happened last weekend. A dream of mine is to attend Comic Con one year! To blog about all the new Fall shows and to put my bets down on the winners and losers is something I thrive on every Fall! Worry not though, I will cover all that soon enough! For now, I choose to spend the rest of my time dissecting a particular summer show and how the networks royally screwed me over!

The minute May sweeps concludes, and I crawl out from the hole I’ve been depressed and crying in for days because my shows are gone, I pull out my binge TV marathon list and I get to work on watching shows I’ve been wanting to watch or need to catch up on, but never had the chance because life got in the way. Shows like LOST, Friends, 24, The Tudors, Grey’s Anatomy (a binge I do every summer!), Homeland, Girls, Dexter, Weeds… the list is endless! The ONLY thing that makes summer bearable for me (I’m a notorious summer hater by the way) is marathoning!

Then the networks caught whiff of my brilliant way of life and they put their heads together and decided to come up with a way to screw me. They realized, and it’s a wonder why it took them so long, “Hey! Why don’t we take this 3 month void and instead of filling it with reality crap and game shows we fill it with regular, but shorter season, scripted programming!” This killed my plan! Now I’m scrambling to figure out how to finish Six Feet Under and Game of Thrones while also keeping up to date with shows like Mistresses, The Fosters, Devious Maids, The Bridge and Under the Dome all premiering in the summer. My bitching did come to a halt though when I finished the first episode of Under the Dome and I saw a cow split in half and I got to see its insides. Captivating! The Dome (my shortened version) is what I choose to dedicate my first blog entry on. Be very flattered Mr. Stephen King!

The Dome raises a very good, yet tired, idea of what would happen if we stuck a bunch of humans, of different personalities, in a deserted town and watched them coexist with no escape. How long before they kill each other? Who would be their chosen leader? Who would rise and be a hero and who would fail miserably and just go schizo? Well, all that is covered in The Dome, in a little town in Maine called Chester’s Mill, in like the first three episodes! But what makes The Dome so special? Well, it’s The Dome itself, duh! The fact that the dome is actually clear stressed me out to no end! I can see the outside and they can see me too, but we can’t hear each other! I can see the outside world, yet I can’t get to it! With every passing episode I swear to God I was getting claustrophobic and my breath just got shorter and shorter. Throw in some Stephen King and there’s, of course, an underlying dash of subtle terror in the seizures the two teenagers were having and the creepiness they chanted when they were in the throws of seizing. I literally couldn’t sleep one night because I couldn’t figure out what it was! Demons? Possession? Aliens? I don’t know, but I’m too freaked out to discuss it further so on to the next reason why I love this show.

Rachelle Lefevre! That was my first sell! Despite the fact that almost every show she was in got canceled (Off the Map, A Gifted Man, Eli Stone) some would say she’s a jinx, but I say she’s awesome and is just too much for a show to handle so it just gets canceled. She plays the persistent reporter, with annoyingly perfect flaming red curly hair, who gets handed a story about shady under goings that could make her career, but then the dome falls on the town. Ooh! Then there’s Big Jim, Dean Norris, Breaking Bad anyone? Although, shhhhh I’m in mid-marathon of that show so no spoilers! He’s Chester’s Mill Second Selectman and used car salesman, who becomes that towns leader when the Police chief dies. How does the chief die you ask? His pacemaker explodes in his chest when he touches the dome! Crazy! But I digress… Big Jim is also involved in the towns shady under goings and apparently has no shame with murder either! Last but not least, Britt Robertson (Life Unexpected, The Secret Circle) plays the tough lil lady who is the obsession of Big Jim’s son and is pretty much the damsel in distress for the first six episodes. She does it well though! I’m sure there’s more to her character! I just know it! But if there isn’t, I’m ok with that too. She’s another actor who’s shows get canceled way too early and leave me in an angry tizzy wondering why things just don’t live long enough to keep me happy?? Take these people and toss in some sort of mystery written by King, yup it’s a winner! Or a cancellation… we’ll see!

So now on a weekly basis I just sit there and wonder, “Is the dome a government experiment?” Possible. “Is it alien related?” I really hope not because that’s just a cop out! “Is it not really happening?” That’s not possible, plus its too LOST-y and that’ll just annoy me. “Is it something I can’t even fathom?” God I sure do hope so! I know I could just read the book and be done with it, but why? I get to watch super pretty people act it all out for me and to that I say, yes please! Plus, as of now, I am deeming this one of the best shows of the last two summers and quiet possibly a-not-so-close, but close enough, filler for the empty space left in me with the end of LOST. Yes, I went there! I am publicly saying, and standing by, that this show MIGHT be able to fill the void LOST left. I just hope the writers don’t get cocky or confused, or both, and lose their way in the next few seasons like LOST did. Yes, I am putting my expertise on the line by saying this show will definitely get renewed! At least I hope it will… Rachelle Lefevre is in it after all!

If you have anything tv related you want to talk about, shows you love, shows you hate, you can find me on twitter @saudiprincess13

Until next week…


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