A fresh start

After an extended hiatus, The Tiny Protagonist is relaunching our blog and we are happy you’ve decided to join us. Our mission is to provide screenwriters, filmmakers and other creatives some insight, information, opinions, interviews as well as document stories of our own personal experiences which might help or inspire you. 648950773_09ea8c237b_o_blog

Who are we?

We are a collection of screenwriters, filmmakers, actors and producers, based in Los Angeles, who are in the fight,just like you, to get our film projects written, bought, sold, seen, made – you name it.

You can read about some of our team here

What do we have to offer that other screenwriting & filmmaking blogs don’t?

We haven’t seen a blog with a focus on screenwriting from a group perspective. This blog was born from a screenwriters group that was established in 2009 here in Hollywood, California. We meet every single Monday night and have evolved into a collective of filmmakers who not only write but also produce, act, direct and make their own projects. We’ve had writers option scripts, get representation, place highly in contests as well as produce new media projects, short films and features.

Our contributors are at all different levels of experience and expertise. We don’t pretend to be experts or gurus but we have all learned a great deal and are actively writing and working toward making films and other projects. All we can offer is our own view of what we have learned and are still learning. Hopefully, we’ll help some folks and build a community of like minded creatives who are ambitious about making things happen.

We welcome interacting with other creative people and readers of the blog. You can reach out to us in the comments of each blog or via  the links below to our social media.

Twitter @TinyProtagonist



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