Dan Harmon’s Story Structure In Bullet Form!

Pretty cool post over at Jason Whetzell’s blog about Dan Harmon’s story structure. Dan Harmon is the founder of Channel 101 as well as the creator of one of the best shows on television today, Community.

In easily digestible bullet points, this is how a good story breaks down:


  1. You
  2. Need
  3. Go
  4. Search
  5. Find
  6. Take
  7. Return
  8. Change

It’s a super simple version of Christopher Vogler’s “The Writer’s Journey,” which is itself a simplified version of Joseph Campell’s work on myths and myth structure.

Check out the rest of the article here.

If you need to know why Community is so awesome, you only need read my post last month when I compared their Christmas episode to Toy Story 3.


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