How do the biggest names in movies do it?

There really can’t be too much debate that RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK is one of the all-time great movies and Spielberg and Lucas are two of the great creative minds in cinema history. So what would it be like to work with them, to brainstorm, to work out a movie idea?

Well, this is one of the reasons I love the internet. Last year, a document that was widely known about but not publicly available was released in pdf form. Some of you may have read it or read about it but I just, finally, got around to it.

In 1978, Spielberg and Lucas were coming off HUGE successes…Star Wars, Close Encounters and Jaws and they had another idea that they wanted to turn into a film so they brought in, the still up and coming, Lawrence Kasdan to write it. What I have forwarded to you is a copy of the transcript from the story conference the three of these heavyweights had.

If you don’t want to read the entire 125 page transcript (I skimmed it myself) then I highly suggest you read this article written by Mystery Man on Film. He read the entire thing and then points out some interesting tidbits and screenwriting lessons learned.



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